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Procedure entry point error in Project Explorer when using ClearCase and ClearQuest UCM integration

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This technote explains how to resolve a "Procedure entry point" error. This can occur when using IBM Rational ClearCase Project Manager when UCM integrated with Rational ClearQuest.


When clicking on the ClearQuest tab of a UCM project's Properties window, Project Explorer displays this error:

The procedure entry point XalanMessages_1_10_dat could not be located in the dynamic link library XalanMessages_1_10.dll

In addition to that error, Project Explorer might also display this error:

The selected property page is currently unavailable because an error occurred while trying to access ClearCase data.

Class not registered
Unable to lookup ClearQuest connections.

Running crmregister in attempt to fix those ClearQuest connections will regenerate the first error message.


There is at least one instance of the XalanMessages_1_10.dll that conflicts with the XalanMessages_1_10.dll in the directory "C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSLDC\common".

Resolving the problem

Search all drives for the conflicting instances of the XalanMessages_1_10.dll so their locations are known.

Copy the XalanMessages_1_10.dll from "C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSLDC\common" to "C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\SLDC\ClearQuest". That way, the program does not require the use of the System PATH environment variable to find the correct version of the .DLL file.

Alternatively, edit the PATH environment variable so that the "C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSLDC\common" directory is at the start of the variable, or at least so that it comes before any other listed directories that contain a conflicting instance of the .DLL file. Reboot the computer after making the PATH change.

Another alternative is be to remove or rename the conflicting instances of the .DLL file. For example, rename the conflicting file to "XalanMessages_1_10.dll.old".

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