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Update to add Windows Vista as a supported OS for the Desktop Enabler



An update is available for Lotus Domino Document Manager that adds Microsoft Windows Vista as a supported operating system for use with the Desktop Enabler 7.0 version.


An updated version of the Domino Document Manager Desktop Enabler that can run on the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system is available from IBM Fix Central. (Direct links are provided below.)
Specifically, Vista Enterprise is the required operating system. This update also includes the prior update that add Microsoft Office 2007 as a supported application.

Known problems
The following known problems for Vista are documented in the readme file:

  • Vista doesn't support the format of DDM 7.0's help file. If you want to see the help file, you should download the corresponding patch from the Microsoft Web site. (SPR #BHAN7TC5AC)
  • In Vista the normal admin user does not have the permission to create a library to be seen by other users. If user want to create a library that can be seen by other users, they should log in as built-in administrator to create the library. (SPR #BHAN7U9DCK)

Administering Domino Document Manager
Note that this change applies to the Desktop Enabler only. To administer Domino Document Manager, you use the Domino Administrator client or Lotus Notes client. The Domino Administrator and Notes 7.0.4 versions are supported on Vista; 6.5.x versions are not. For more information, see the "Detailed system requirements for Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, Lotus Domino Administrator, Lotus Domino Designer, and Lotus Notes Traveler."

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Document information

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Lotus Domino Document Manager

Software version: 6.5.1, 7.0

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1411789

Modified date: 01 December 2009

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