Deleting an erroneous or unused workspace from IBM Rational Focal Point

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How do you delete a erroneous (due to an incomplete delete operation) or unused Workspace from IBM Rational Focal Point when you are unable to delete through the GUI?


In Focal Point, if a workspace is corrupt (due to an incomplete delete operation) or not in use and you do not have access to that workspace you would not be able to delete it through the GUI.


A Global Administrator can delete the workspace by running SQL queries:

  1. Click on Advanced -> SQL
  2. Execute the query "select * from toc". This statement will list all the Workspaces in Focal Point. Make a note of the tableidno for the workspace that has to be deleted
  3. "delete from toc where tableidno='xx' where xx is the tableidno from step 2
  4. Click on "List Unused Tables"
  5. Drop all the unused tables ending with xx where xx is the tableidno
  6. Restart the Focal Point Server

Disclaimer! Do not use this feature unless you have thorough knowledge of SQL as well as the Focal Point database architecture. The SQL commands are executed without any error checking and therefore it is possible that a single incorrect SQL command can corrupt the entire database. In such cases, it might be impossible to restore any information.


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