Deprecated features in the 3.8.0 IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances products

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This document lists features that have been deprecated in version 3.8.0 DataPower firmware. Some features were deprecated in prior versions as specified.

Alternatives are recommended as available.


If a feature is listed as deprecated, IBM® reserves the right to remove this capability in a subsequent release of the product. Typically, a feature is not removed until at least two major releases or one full year (whichever time period is longer) after the release in which that feature is deprecated. It is recommended that customers begin to migrate their existing configurations to exploit the recommended alternative features listed in the table below.


Feature Recommended Alternative Additional information related to the deprecation
MQ host
MQ gateway
MQ proxy
Use a Multi-Protocol Gateway service or a Web Service Proxy service Also see below regarding deprecated CLI commands
Coprocessor ("coproc") mode and "xa.jar" Use HTTP loopback
Schema Exception Map WS-Proxy with WS-Policy (if needed)
dp:valid-certificate() dp:validate-certificate() Replaced by dp:validate-certificate() in 3.6.1
Sign actions configuration settings:
CLI commands documented as deprecated since 3.7.1:

Command / Alternative(s)
mq-proxy / 'For the mq- objects, instead use a Multi-Protocol Gateway service or a Web Service Proxy service'

trusted-host / known-host

username / user, user-password

xmlmgr / xml-manager

group / 'had no effect'

retry / 'had no effect'

timeout / 'had no effect'

fullurlmatch / urlmatch

hostmatch / httpmatch

forbid-external-references / external-references

login-message / custom-ui-file

rewrite / 'use rewrite policy'

show sensors / show sensors-fans, show sensors-other, show sensors-temperature, show-sensors-voltage
See alternatives listed in the first column (the items after the '/') Deprecated since 3.2 Reference Guide
- Logging retry command
- Logging timeout command
- rewrite: adds a URL rewrite rule to a URL Rewrite Policy

Deprecated since 3.4 Reference Guide
- timeout: specifies the connection timeout value; the number of milliseconds the device waits for an acknowledgement of a connection attempt to an SMTP server

Deprecated since Reference Guide
- Logging group command
- Multi-protocol Gateway forbid-external-references command (also for Web Service Proxy, XML Firewall, XML Parser Limits):

Deprecated since Reference Guide
- username command
- xmlmgr command

Deprecated since Reference Guide
- trusted-host command
- shows sensors command

Deprecated since Reference Guide
- mq-gateway command
- mq-host command
- mq-node command
- mq-proxy command
- Matching rule config mode fullurlmatch
- Matching rule config mode hostmatch
- System Settings config mode login-message also see below regarding login message
WebGUI tasks documented as deprecated since 3.7.1:

WebGUI Task and Alternative
System/Environmental Sensors


System/{Fan Sensors | Other Sensors | Temperature Sensors | Voltage Sensors}

System/Licensing Information


System/Device Features

Matching Rule/Full URL


Matching Rule/URL

Matching Rule/Host


Matching Rule/HTTP

URL Rewrite Rule/rewrite


URL Rewrite Rule/*
See alternatives listed in the first column
The FTP server feature of sending the response via the FTP URL-opener Use WS-Addressing
For the dp:url-open() extension function, the savefile value of the response attribute. N/A
var://service/lbhealth/ This is a write-only service variable for setting the LoadBalancer Group member state. In a new API is added which is more consistent:
  operation="{add | update}, optional"
  weight="<xs:unsignedInt>, optional"
admin-state="{enabled|disabled}, optional"
health-status="{up|down|soft-down}, optional"

- name is the Load Balancer Group Name,
- hostname is the host where the server is running,
- port is the port number where the server is running,
- operation is the operation to be performed on the load balancer group,
- weight is the weight assigned to the server when a load balancing algorithm selected uses weights,
- health-status is the soft state of the server
- health-port is the port used to perform a health check
ssltrace CLI command N/A
Legacy TX maps mode (every mode other than DPA mode) Move to WTX Design Studio 8.3 or later and rebuild maps and deploy using DPA mode Deprecated in 3.7.2.x and Release Notes state:
- Exported Files: Deprecated support for Exported Files.
- Exported Files - Mapping Logic Disabled: Deprecated support for Exported Files - Mapping Logic Disabled.
- Note: Existing maps that use one of the deprecated map modes will continue to work. Refer to the migration procedure in IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances: Integrating with WebSphere Transformation Extender to upgrade existing maps to use the DPA mode.
Support for WSRR 6.0.0.x Upgrade to WSRR or higher
Read-only flag in SQL data sources There is no DataPower based alternative. The alternative is to set up your database access control properly and base your permissions off that.
The access command (available in SNMP Configuration Mode) community command Release Notes state:
The access command (available in SNMP Configuration Mode) has been deprecated; use the new community command in its stead.
Show Running Configuration in the WebGUI show running config in the CLI Release Notes state: WebGUI -- The Show Running Configuration option is no longer available through the WebGUI. This option used to be available on the Troubleshooting page. To view the running configuration, use the show running-config command
Rewrite values from the URL Rewrite Type list N/A and Release Notes state:
WebGUI — When defining a URL Rewrite Policy, you can no longer select the deprecated rewrite value from the URL Rewrite Type list. Any configuration that contains this property setting should be unaffected. (APAR IC55119)
Login message Use interface extensions Release Notes state:
Version 3.7.1 contains the following deprecated functionality: Login message After an upgrade, the login message in System Settings, if defined, is added to the XML file that contains interface extensions. This setting is replaced by the ability to define interface extensions.
Services/Miscellaneous/WSDL Tools in the WebGUI Validate using a WSDL file in the WS-Proxy. Release Notes state:
The option Services -> Miscellaneous -> WSDL Tools has been deprecated. This tool was used to import or fetch a WSDL file service in a service view through task templates and selectively enable one or more operations.
Application domain config mode domain-user domain command from the User configuration mode Deprecated since Reference Guide:
To provide the same behavior, use the domain command from the User configuration mode. In the absence of an RBM policy, defines the accessible domains for all user interfaces.
The "Web Services Monitor" object in the main WebGUI menu N/A
caUnicenter stylesheets in the datapower/dist/unicenter/store/ directory:

N/A These are no longer used.
Java™ keystore applet Using a server or software, such as WebSphere Application Server, which can process a Java keystore file, export the certificate in PKCS#12 format and then import that into DataPower.

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