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Data Consistency may time-out before it runs completely for all applications. As a result, the status of the Data Consistency request in the administration view remains "In Process" and nested calls to Data Consistency for the Workflow application may not complete.


The symptom of this problem is if the status of the Data Consistency request in the administration view remains "In Process."
NOTE: This issue is reproducible when there are many (hundreds or more) items for the same application. If there is more then one workflow application configured for the user, then subsequent calls may not complete.


There are two time-out settings that can cause the problem.

-- The Max LotusScript/Java execution time can be configured to allow Data Consistency to run for all applications.

-- The Web Services time cannot be configured and will time-out at 10 minutes.

NOTE: If the Max LotusScript/Java execution time is longer then the Web Services time-out, the Data Consistency tool will complete in background even though the administrator may receive a time-out error.

Resolving the problem

Increase the Max LotusScript/Java execution time to 15 minutes in the Domino server configuration. You may now get a status error of time-out but the request will be processed in background. IBM is working on a better fix. The correct status can be verified in the SAP Alloy Administration portal. If the problem persists, increase the execution time to a higher value. The value should be higher than the time of the longest Data Consistency run for single item type. This time is shown in the SAP Alloy Administration portal.

These setting are documented in the "Setting agent preferences for the Web Navigator" topic in Domino Administration product documentation:

You can set the maximum execution time in the Domino Directory --> Configuration --> Servers --> All Server Documents.

1. Open the Server Configuration Document --> Server Tasks and Agent Manager tabs.

2. Increase the times from 10 and 15 minutes to 15 minutes.

3. Restart the Domino server to have the changes take effect.

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