TEC Console web browser does not display in native language within TEP client

Technote (troubleshooting)


The TEC Console WEB browser is launched within the TEP browser client.
The username, password, hostname, and message fields are all in English rather than the native language of the system.


Browser variables are not configured to handle native language.

Diagnosing the problem

Open the TEC Console Web browser within a TEP client and type "about:config" within the Location field. Check the settings for "general.useragent.locale" and " intl.accept_languages". Confirm the native language is listed before en-US.

Resolving the problem

> Open the TEP browser client

> Drag and drop the browser icon from the TEP toolbar into a Workspace
> In the "Location:" line, type about:config
> In the "Filter" field, type general
> This provides a list that includes general.useragent.locale
> Double-click general.useragent.locale
> Insert the new locale followed by en-US

pt-BR, en-US

> Next locate the variable intl.accept_languages. Set this variable to
match the general.useragent.locale

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