New! FileNet Optical Storage And Retrieval (OSAR) Cable Tool (Tech Preview)

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The FileNet Optical Storage And Retrieval (OSAR) Cable Tool is now available for the first time on the IBM Support Assistant workbench. It is an expert level assistant in the area of connecting and configuring optical drives and libraries to an Image Services (IS) Server.


The FileNet Optical Storage And Retrieval (OSAR) Cable Tool shows configurations of optical drives and libraries connected via SCSI to Image Services servers. The OSAR Cable Tool calls out the cables, adapters and possible options. It will verify configurations and offer additional notes such as release notes, warnings, restrictions or setup pointers. Image Services systems that are configured using the tool are valid and supported by IBM Customer Support. Use the OSAR Cable Tool to verify configurations before upgrading OS, adapters, or Images Services. Producing an OSAR Cable Tool output sheet before contacting technical support will also speed resolution.

To start using the FileNet OSAR Cable Tool with IBM Support Assistant, go to the IBM Support Assistant download page and install the Serviceability Workbench. After you have installed the Serviceability Workbench, follow the instructions for installing and running tools to install the OSAR Cable Tool. It will appear in the list of available Information Management tools.

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