Configuring Image Services 4.1.2 (FP6 and above) for HA cluster environment

Technote (troubleshooting)


This tech note documents the minimal Image Services 4.1.2 software level and the configuration checklist for running Image Services in a cluster environment.

Resolving the problem

This tech note is a configuration checklist for sites that have completed 1) configuration of cluster environment 2) Installation of Image Services 4.1.2 software.

Step A: (Install the minimal 4.1.2 FP Level:)

Image Services 4.1.2 with FP6 (or above. Including 4.2.0)

Step B: (fn_edit)

Run fn_edit and verify that the cluster name is configured in the Network Name column under the Network tab. It is recommended to leave the Network Address columns blank.

Step C: (Create virtual_server_name.txt file)

Unix: Create /fnsw/local/sd/virtual_server_name.txt file.
Edit the file and insert the cluster name.

Windows: Create \fnsw_loc\sd\virtual_server_name.txt file.
Edit the file and insert the cluster name.

Step D: (fn_build -a)

Run fn_build -a

Step E: (fn_setup)

Run fn_setup.

To validate the network configuration, use the following commands.

1. nslookup <HA cluster name>

The returned network address should be the external/virtual address of the cluster.

2. /fnsw/bin/HAnetcheck

3. /fnsw/bin/nch_check

Related information

Image Services HA Procedures and Guidelines

Document information

More support for:

FileNet Image Services
Image Services

Software version:

4.1.2, 4.2

Operating system(s):

AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows

Software edition:

All Editions

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