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Uninstallation procedure of Tivoli Storage Manager for Reporting and Monitoring 6.1 on Linux X86(32bit).


The following is a manual uninstallation procedure of "Tivoli Storage Manager for Reporting and Monitoring 6.1" on Linux X86(32bit).

1. rpm -qa|grep gsk
rpm -e "above gskit module".
2. cd /opt/tivoli/tsm/reporting/_uninst
./Tivoli_Storage_Manager_for_Reporting_and_Monitoring_ -i console
3. cd /usr/ibm/common/acsi/bin
./si_inst.sh -r -f
4. rm -rf /opt/tivoli/tsm /opt/tivoli/cit
5. remove "db2inst1" and "db2fenc1" from /etc/passwd file.
6. remove "db2grp1" and "db2fgrp1" from /etc/group file.
7. rm -rf /home/db2inst1 /home/db2fenc1
8. remove the following lines from /etc/services file.
DB2_db2inst1 60000/tcp
DB2_db2inst1_1 60001/tcp
DB2_db2inst1_2 60002/tcp
DB2_db2inst1_END 60003/tcp
db2_tsm1 50000/tcp
9. remove the following line from /etc/inittab file.
fmc:2345:respawn:/opt/tivoli/tsm/reporting/db2/bin/db2fmcd #DB2 Fault Monitor Coordinator
10. reboot Linux O/S

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