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IBM SDK, Java 2 Technology Edition, Version 5.0 Service Refresh 11

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IBM SDK, Java 2 Technology Edition, Version 5.0 Service Refresh 11 general availability.


Service refresh 11 is now available on developerWorks and contains a number of enhancements to the SDK v5.0 code base:

- Incorporates a new Diagnostics Collector.

- Includes support for Mozilla Firefox 3.5, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and z/OS R11.

The service refresh also fixes a number of defects with the SDK.

Visit to download the service refresh for your choice of platform.

Diagnostics Collector

The Diagnostics Collector gathers the Java diagnostics files for a problem event and produces a compressed file containing all the diagnostic information, together with a detailed log.

The Java runtime produces multiple diagnostics files in response to events such as General Protection Faults, out of memory conditions or receiving unexpected operating system signals. The Diagnostics Collector runs just after the Java runtime produces diagnostics files. It searches for system dumps, Java dumps, heap dumps, Java trace dumps and the verbose GC log that match the time stamp for the problem event.

For further information about the Diagnostics Collector, see the corresponding topic in the Java Diagnostics Guide, V5.0.

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Software version: 5.0

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, z/OS

Software edition: J2SE

Reference #: 1406560

Modified date: 2009-12-03