CTGTRV009E, CTGTRV011E errors from Tivoli Storage Manager reporting

Technote (troubleshooting)


Depending on the amount of data that needs to be returned for Tivoli Storage Manager server reports, client reports, or both under the Integrated Solutions Console Tivoli Common Reporting, errors CTGTRV009E and CTGTRV011E might be received.


Java heap size needs to be increased for the Integrated Solutions Console (ISC).

Diagnosing the problem

Logon to the ISC and expand Tivoli Common Reporting in the navigator on the left. Select the Work with reports entry. On the "Reports" panel on the right, click the "Navigation" tab and expand :

- Report Sets

    - Tivoli Products
      - Tivoli Common Reporting
        - Tivoli Storage Manager
          - Client Reports
          - Server Reports
Click "Client Reports" and select the "Client Schedule Status" report. When prompted for the "Report Period", select "Last 30 days" and click "Run". The following errors are displayed :

CTGTRV009E Processing has ended because of an unexpected error.
CTGTRV011E See the Tivoli Common Reporting log files for more information.

Resolving the problem

Complete the following steps to increase the maximum heap size used by the ISC and available for Tivoli Common Reporting:

  1. Open a shell and change to the <install_dir>/AC/products/tsm/bin directory of the ISC for 6.1. <install_dir> is the ISC installation directory.
    For UNIX, this default location is /opt/tivoli/tsm
    For Windows, this default location is C:\Program Files\tivoli\tsm.
    For UNIX :
    # cd /opt/tivoli/tsm/AC/products/tsm/bin
    For Windows systems:
    > cd C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\AC\products\tsm\bin
  2. From that directory, run the supportUtil tool.
    For UNIX: ./supportUtil.sh
    For Windows: supportutil.bat
    Enter the ISC administrator user ID and password.
  3. From "Administration Center Support Utility - Main Menu", complete the following steps to change the memory heap size:
    Select option "2. Manage the maximum memory size the Administration Center can use"
    Select option "1. Update the maximum memory size the Administration Center can use"
    ...Enter 1024 for the value
    Select option "99. Return to main menu"
    Select option "9. Exit".
  4. Stop and restart the ISC so that the new memory heap size takes effect.

The procedure increases the maximum heap size from the default value of 512 to 1024. Change the value as needed in your environment.

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