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How to complete the installation of InfoSphere Warehouse V9.7x when the level of your operating system is higher than the levels that are recognized by the installation program.

Technote (troubleshooting)


The InfoSphere Warehouse V9.7.x installation program checks the level of your operating system before installing the product. That check might fail if your operating system does not match a specific list of supported operating systems. If you have applied an update to your operating system, such as a newer service pack or technology level, and that update was released after InfoSphere Warehouse V9.7.x was released, then your operating system might appear to be invalid even if it is supported by your release of InfoSphere Warehouse.


The installation program for InfoSphere Warehouse performs prerequisite checking, that it, it checks your system to ensure you have the required software. The installation program might incorrectly display an error message that says your operating system is not supported, even when it is supported.

Here is the error message you might receive during the installation:

Your operating system, "operating system name", is not at the supported service pack level for installing the components"


The InfoSphere Warehouse V9.7.x installation program does not always recognize updated operating systems, if the updates were released and applied after your copy of InfoSphere Warehouse V9.7.x was released.

Generally, when this product supports a specific version of an operating system, then it also supports updates to that version. For example, if the System Requirements show that Red Hat Linux 6 is supported, then the product should be installable on all releases of Red Hat Linux 6.


UNIX, Linux, Windows

Resolving the problem

If you encounter this problem when installing version 9.7.2 or later, you can ignore the error message and continue with the installation.

If you encounter this problem when installing Versions 9.7.0 or 9.7.1, the installation program might have stopped and exited. You can bypass the prerequisite checking of your operating system by setting the following system environment variable, and then running the installation program again.

On UNIX or Linux:




On Windows:


Alternatively, you can bypass the prerequisite checking when you run the installation command by adding the following option:




The installation program proceeds.

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