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Steps to perform after applying a ptf for 5722-DP4 or 5761-DP4 on System i

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Are there any additional steps required after applying PTFs for Datapropagator?


When the replication programs change the packages associated with them also change and have to be recreated.


Yes, SQL packages associated with Datapropagator programs have to be recreated.

Please run the following create SQL package commands from the machine where the PTF was applied against any remote server the Datapropagator program(Apply or Admin commands or Capture) would connect to.


CRTSQLPKG PGM(QDP4/QZSNAPV2) RDB(remote_server_RDB_name)

Please prompt and use the same userid and password on the remote server, that the Datapropagator program would use to connect to the remote server. If you use a different userid and password then please make sure that the right authority is granted to the replication userid on the packages created.

4 packages will get created in the ASN library on the remote machine if the remote machine is a
System i. If it is not a System i then 3 packages will get created. The names of the packages will differ based on the PTF level.

If the SQL packages are not created you will get SQL0805 messages in the joblog of the Datapropagator programs.

Incase you are not sure of the remote server RDB name you could do one of the following -

1) Run the command WRKRDBDIRE and check the systems that have a Remote Location that is not *LOCAL

2) Do an SQL select
on the Apply control server.
This would be valid only if replication was already setup.

3) You could get the remote server name from the joblog from the error message. It will tell the name of the DRDA Server where the package is not available.

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