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Specifying userid and password to connect to a remote database for Datapropagator programs running on the System i.

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How do the Datapropagator programs like the Apply program connect to a remote database that requires an userid and password?


The User profile used by the Datapropagator programs could be associated with a remote database name and its userid and password.

To do so please make sure that the system value QRETSVRSEC is 1.

If it is 0 please change it as follows -

Associate a local userid or user profile with the remote database name that matches the database name specified in WRKRDBDIRE and its Remote userid and password using the command

ADDSVRAUTE USRPRF(<localuserid>) SERVER(<Remote_Server_name>) USRID(<Remote_userid>) PASSWORD(<Remote_Password>)

Then run the replication programs when signed on as the local user.

Please note that Datapropagator Apply has a USER Parameter in the STRDPRAPY command. This allows different Users to start Apply but still be able to use the SVRAUTE under a different user as long as they have *USE authority on that user profile.

Document information

More support for: InfoSphere Replication Server

Software version: 8.1

Operating system(s): IBM i

Reference #: 1404522

Modified date: 06 March 2015