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Error 'Requires a Java Run Time Environment (JRE) to run' issued when installing CCL

Technote (troubleshooting)


This error message indicates that the application requires a Java Run Time Environment (JRE) to run. Searching for one on your computer was not successuful.


You receive the error

    This application requires a Java Run Time Environment (JRE) to run

even after you have issued the command


to disable the JIT and before running the Installshield Exec.


Installshield is not getting enough processor cycles to complete JRE verification in a timely fashion.

Diagnosing the problem

If the install shield is taking an inordinate amount of time to install CCL (5 mins), then you might not have enough MIPS or weight allocated to the CPC.

Resolving the problem

Check to determine whether the processor has a cap as to the Weight or MIPS it can allocate by:

  1. Open the Task List from the Views area.
  2. Open CPC Operational Customization from the Task List Work Area.
  3. Open Groups from the Views area.
  4. Open the group that contains the control settings of CPC that you want to change.
    Change LPAR Controls is considered a disruptive task. If the object is locked, you must unlock it before continuing.
  5. Drag the selected object on Change LPAR Controls in the CPC Operational Customization tasks area. The Change Logical Partition Controls window is displayed.
  6. Review the information displayed in the window. Use the Processing Weight and Capped field lists and the Processor running time group box to change one or more control settings.
  7. After you have made your changes, select a push button to indicate when you want the new settings to take effect.

The Linux LPAR is capped so you would clear the Initial Capping check box.

Document information

More support for: Communication Controller for Linux on System z

Software version: 1.2.1,, 1.3

Operating system(s): Linux

Reference #: 1404136

Modified date: 2010-09-08