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"CTE0192 Errors occurred in an update index operation" when running RecreateIndex

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How should I run RecreateIndex program to avoid getting the error "CTE0192 Errors occurred in an update index operation" during the DB2 initial index update?


The beginning phase of RecreateIndex program resets the value of TIEFLAG and TIEREF for all documents in the Content Manager item type. If new documents get stored to the item type after RecreateIndex finished resetting the values, those documents will cause the DB2 initial index update to fail.


  • Stop all CommonStore archiving.
  • Re-run the RecreateIndex program.
  • Ensure DB2 initial index update succeeds. You should see messages similar to the following:
    19:33:06 db2text "create index ICMADMIN.ICMUU01057001TIE FOR TEXT ON    
    ICMADMIN.ICMUT01057001(ICMADMIN.ICMFETCHFILE(TIEREF)) ccsid 1208 format XML documentmodel email in /opt/ibm/CSTextSearch/model/cs_mail_entire.xml update frequency none    
    reorganize manual commitcount for update 0 index directory /index/NODE0000 work directory /index/NODE0000 index configuration (ignoreemptydocs 1) connect to ICMNLSDB
    19:33:06: : "CTE0001 Operation completed successfully.                  
    19:33:12 db2text update index ICMADMIN.ICMUU01057001TIE for text connect to ICMNLSDB                                                              19:34:14: : CTE0001 Operation completed successfully.
  • Resume CommonStore archiving after RecreateIndex completed successfully.

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Enterprise Content Management CommonStore for Lotus Domino Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003 8.3, 8.4

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More support for: CommonStore for Exchange Server

Software version: 8.3, 8.4

Operating system(s): Windows

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Modified date: 28 August 2012

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