Compare/merge a Microsoft Word document results in error "Failed to compare elements using CCRC Integrated (UTF-8) Compare tool"

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Attempts to compare/merge a Microsoft Word document with predecessor in IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Clients (CCRC) results in an error, Failed to compare elements using CCRC Integrated (UTF-8) Compare tool.


Attempts to compare or merge a previous version of a Microsoft Word document in CCRC fails with the error messages:

The objects being compared contains line(s) exceeding 8000 bytes.

Failed to compare elements using CCRC Integrated (UTF-8) Compare tool.


CCRC uses "CCRC Integrated (UTF-8)" as the default compare tool.

Resolving the problem

Rational ClearCase uses worddiffmrg to compare/merge Word documents. Therefore, to compare/merge Word documents you need to set "ClearCase External" as default tool for comparing and merging Word documents in CCRC.

  1. From CCRC > Window > Preferences
  2. ClearCase Remote Client > Integration > Compare/Merge
  3. In the section "When comparing and merging files" "Use this tool as the default" drop down list, select "ClearCase External".

    Note that Microsoft Word needs to be installed on the CCRC host. Worddiffmrg is a Microsoft Word diff utility.

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