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Compare/merge a Microsoft Word document results in error "Failed to compare elements using CCRC Integrated (UTF-8) Compare tool"

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to compare/merge a Microsoft Word document with predecessor in IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Clients (CCRC) results in an error, Failed to compare elements using CCRC Integrated (UTF-8) Compare tool.


Attempts to compare or merge a previous version of a Microsoft Word document in CCRC fails with the error messages:

The objects being compared contains line(s) exceeding 8000 bytes.

Failed to compare elements using CCRC Integrated (UTF-8) Compare tool.


CCRC uses "CCRC Integrated (UTF-8)" as the default compare tool.

Resolving the problem

Rational ClearCase uses worddiffmrg to compare/merge Word documents. Therefore, to compare/merge Word documents you need to set "ClearCase External" as default tool for comparing and merging Word documents in CCRC.

Note: Microsoft Word needs to be installed on the CCRC host. Worddiffmrg is a Microsoft Word diff utility.

  1. Click Window > Preferences in CCRC

  2. Click ClearCase Remote Client > Integration > Compare/Merge

  3. Locate the section When comparing and merging files

  4. Select ClearCase External from the Use this tool as the default drop down list

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Modified date: 26 August 2014

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