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How to re-enabling the default ADMIN user in Rational Quality Manager

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How do you re-enable the default ADMIN user in IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM)?


In the Jazz server setup wizard, you are given the option to disable the default ADMIN user. If you chose this option and later want to re-enable the ADMIN user, follow the steps in this technote.



  1. Stop the Rational Quality Manager server

  2. Open the file in a text editor and change
    Save the changes and close

  3. If you are using Tomcat, open tomcat-users.xml in a text editor and change
     <user username="ADMIN" password="[encrypted password]" />
    <user username="ADMIN" password="[encrypted password]" roles="JazzAdmins" />.

  4. Change the value of [encrypted password] to the new password for ADMIN (in plain text). For example:
    <user username="ADMIN" password="myNewPassword" roles="JazzAdmins" />.
    Save the changes and close tomcat-users.xml.

  5. Run the following command to convert the plain text password to an encrypted password:
    repotools -convertTomcatUsers

  6. Start the Rational Quality Manager server.

  7. Open https://rqmServer:port/jazz/admin and verify that you are able to log in using the ADMIN user.

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