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VSS_E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND on passive cluster node

Technote (troubleshooting)


Tivoli Storage Manager client backups will report ANS5250E 'VSS_E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND'.


The following may be seen in the dsmerror.log:

04-08-2009 22:04:25 ANS5250E An unexpected error was encountered.
TSM function name : isVolumeSupported
TSM function : IsVolumeSupported() returned 'VSS_E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND' for volume 'r:\'
TSM return code : 4353
TSM file : vssreq.cpp (5486)
04-08-2009 22:04:25 ANS5250E An unexpected error was encountered.
TSM function name : vssCheckVolumeSupport
TSM function : isVolumeSupported() returned unexpected error for volume '\\p0160900\r$'
TSM return code : 4353
TSM file : vssback.cpp (3066)
04-08-2009 22:04:25 ANS5258E An error occurred initializing a VSS request. For more information, see the TSM client error log.


The problem occurs during system state backups on a passive node of the cluster. During system state backup, the Tivoli Storage Manager client communicates with Windows writers to get list of the files that should be included in the system state backup. The trace might show a file on a cluster drive as part of the system state. Below is an example of a file being added to the list of system state files:

AddFileToLinkedList(): Entry
Path = R:\EmailXtender
Filespec = EmailXtender.evt
Recursive = false
Alt location = C:\WINDOWS\Repair\Backup\ServiceState\EventLogs



Diagnosing the problem

The Microsoft utility Vshadow (Diskshadow) will show you that a file on a cluster drive is part of system state. The command is:

Vshadow –wm2

This output shows that access to the R drive is needed to backup a file belonging to system state.

* WRITER "Event Log Writer"
- WriterId = {eee8c692-67ed-4250-8d86-390603070d00}
- InstanceId = {0697d606-cfb5-4526-82ed-1b008cf3d769}
- Supports restore events = FALSE
- Writer restore conditions = VSS_WRE_NEVER
- Restore method = VSS_RME_RESTORE_AT_REBOOT
- Requires reboot after restore = TRUE
- Excluded files:
- Exclude: Path = %SystemRoot%\system32\config, Filespec = *.evt
- Component "Event Log Writer:\Event Logs"
- Name: 'Event Logs'
- Logical Path: ''
- Full Path: '\Event Logs'
- Caption: 'Event Logs'
- Is Selectable: 'TRUE'
- Is top level: 'TRUE'
- Notify on backup complete: 'FALSE'
- Components:
- File List: Path = %SystemRoot%\system32\config, Filespec = AppEvent.Evt
- File List: Path = R:\EmailXtender, Filespec = EmailXtender.evt
- File List: Path = %SystemRoot%\System32\config, Filespec = SecEvent.Evt
- File List: Path = %SystemRoot%\system32\config, Filespec = SysEvent.Evt
- Affected paths by this component:
- C:\WINDOWS\system32\config
- R:\EmailXtender
- Affected volumes by this component:
- \\?\Volume{1a020edd-f84a-11dd-a0b2-806e6f6e6963}\ [C:\]
- \\?\Volume{d6865100-fe6d-11dd-9aa0-e943a4d66748}\ [R:\]
- Component Dependencies:

Resolving the problem

To resolve the issue, move the file/application off the cluster drive so that system state does not depend on any cluster drives.

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