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How to reload the project in Rational Tau and DOORS Analyst 4.3

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How do you reload the project in IBM Rational Tau and DOORS Analyst 4.3 ?


You would end up with a blank page if you open an unsaved Rational DOORS project from Rational Tau.


To reload Rational Tau and DOORS Analyst with the same Rational DOORS project, you need to delete .ttw, .ttx and .u2x files present in the module id folder.

  1. Obtain the module id from the title bar of Rational Tau and DOORS Analyst 4.3.

    Example of module id : 00000021, 000006a, etcetera.

  2. Navigate to the module id folder created in the default path:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Projects\<module id>

  3. Delete the .ttw, .ttx and .u2x files from the module id folder

  4. Now go back to DOORS module and open the module in Analyst again. This should load the project back into Analyst.

  5. Always save the project this time before exiting Analyst.

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Software version: 4.3

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Modified date: 04 September 2012