Licensing for AppScan Enterprise, Policy Tester, and Reporting Console 5.6 and 8.0

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What are the available Rational FLEXlm License Types for use with IBM Rational AppScan Enterprise. IBM Rational Policy Tester, and IBM Rational Reporting Console version 5.6 and 8.0, and how to install them?


All versions of AppScan Enterprise, Policy Tester, and Reporting Console, since version 5.6, use Rational FLEXlm Licensing only. This means that the legacy Watchfire .wflic licenses used in older versions will not work with AppScan Enterprise and Policy Tester version 5.6 and later.


Note: For licensing in newer versions consult technote: Licensing for AppScan Enterprise and Policy Tester 8.5 and later.

The Reporting Console 5.6 and 8.0 had two user license keys:
   INCREAMENT AppScanReportingConsole and
   INCREMENT AppScanReportingConsoleFLT
In AppScan Enterprise version 8.5 these licence keys are obsolete, and they are translated to AppScan Enterprise license keys:
  INCREMENT  AppScanEnterpriseReportingFLT and

Obtain FLEXlm Licenses

You can obtain your Rational FLEXlm Licenses for AppScan Enterprise from the License Key Center. For more information on how to obtain your licenses please see tech note 1250403 - How to get your Rational license keys.

If you need to obtain the License Server, see technote 1265239 - Rational License Server delivery and support

Install FLEXlm Licenses
  1. Import the AppScan Enterprise licenses onto the License Key Server:
    1. On the machine where the License Key Server is installed, double-click the .upd license file. This will invoke the License Key Administrator (LKAD).

      Note: You also can load the License Server LKAD manually by launching it from C:\Program Files\ibm\RationalSDLC\common\licadmin2.exe and then following the wizard to import the license file.
    2. You are asked if you would like to import the file. Click Import.
    3. You are notified that the License Key Server must be stopped then restarted. This action will update the license file and must be done in order for the new license key to be recognized. Click Yes.
    4. Once completed, you are asked if you will like to exit the LKAD. Click Yes to close LKAD.

      Repeat steps 1-4 for all of your .upd license files related to Rational AppScan Enterprise.

      Note: Each module of Policy Tester, such as Security and Privacy, has a separate .upd license file that must be loaded. You also need to load the user license .udp license files.

  2. Point the AppScan Enterprise LKAD to the License Key Server:
    1. On the Rational AppScan Enterprise Control Center machine, launch the AppScan LKAD tool from the desktop or from

      C:\Program Files\Common Files\IBM\AppScan\RCL\common\licadmin_as.exe

      Note: You MUST close any other License Key Administrators before launching the AppScan Enterprise LKAD (or you simply get moved back to the other LKAD).
    2. Select “Point to Rational License Server to get my licenses”. Click Next.
    3. In the Client Server Configuration window, check Use License Server.
      Click Add Server.
    4. In the right-hand box, select Server Name to edit the field.
    5. Select Single or Redundant for server type. Enter in the License Server Machine name or names. Enter in port settings only if a port other than 27000 (default) is going to be used.
    6. Click Show Licenses to display your AppScan Enterprise licenses. Click OK.
    7. Click OK at the bottom of the Client/Server Config Window to save the changes.

      The AppScan Enterprise licenses will be listed in gray in the LKAD window. By default, when keys are listed in gray, this indicates the key is being served by a license server. The server name will also be displayed.
    8. Close LKAD.

These 2 steps need to be done before the Initializer is run or the Control Center is launched.

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