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Performance issue during the visualization of C++ files in large C++ projects

Technote (troubleshooting)


Performance issue is seen during the visualization of C++ files in large C++ projects.


Performance issue can be seen in a large C++ project (with more than 500 files) during:

  1. Visualization of a folder within the project
  2. Visualization of a C++ source or header file onto a class diagram (Only if the file is nested within a folder which is not the project root.)
  3. Addition of a new file to a folder within the project
  4. Loading of a workspace if a class diagram containing a visualized file/folder was left open when the workspace was last closed (this would lead to issue #1 or #2 above.)

Resolving the problem


  1. If you want to visualize a C++ element, such as a C++ class, struct, union, enum, typedef, or namespace, directly visualize the element in a class diagram; do not visualize the container file.
  2. To avoid delays in the loading of a workspace, close all open diagrams that contain visualized files or folders before closing the workspace.

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Software Development Rational Software Architect RealTime Edition C / C++ Development Linux, Solaris, Windows 7.5.2, 7.5.3, 7.5.4

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Modified date: 17 June 2013