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ACUOSI0050E with return code 87 - TCP/IP entries are invalid.

Technote (troubleshooting)


During installation of Reporting and Monitoring DB2 may fail to install due to an invalid response file referencing an invalid port number.


Reporting and Monitoring may get errors after the installation because the install was not successful.

Note: With silent install, there is a known limitation where the installation processing may show as successful despite errors during the install.


The port number specified during the install is already in use by another application.



Diagnosing the problem

The db2_9.1.log may show ACUOSI0050E with return code 87. Return code of 87 means “the parameter is incorrect”.

ACUOSI0050E External command action failed with return code 87. Invocation string: [I:\Archives_from_Tivoli\TIVOLI_Reporting\COI\DeploymentSteps/DB2_9.1/FILES/setup.exe, /f, /l, C:\IBM\_uninst\plan\tmp/db2_91_inst.log, /u, C:\IBM\_uninst\plan\tmp/Prefix_ResponseFile.txt]

1: ERROR:The TCP/IP entries are invalid. Specify a valid service name and port number.
1: ERROR:The response file specified "C:\IBM\_uninst\plan\tmp/PREFIX~1.TXT" is not valid.
1: Failed to initialize silent install.

The response file, Prefix_ResponseFile.txt will show the following:

Resolving the problem

Port 50000 must be free before installation.

To check used ports:

1. Open a DOS prompt and issue:
netstat -p tcp -b –n > c:\netstat.txt

2. Open the following file called services:

Check the file to see if port 50000 is used. If it is, free up this port, or change the port number during installation.

In the services file, if you have Tivoli Storage Manager server installed, you will see:
db2j_DB2TSM 55000/tcp
DB2_DB2TSM 60000/tcp
DB2_DB2TSM_1 60001/tcp
DB2_DB2TSM_2 60002/tcp
DB2_DB2TSM_END 60003/tcp
db2c_DB2TSM 50000/tcp

The Tivoli Storage Manager server is already using port 50000 and this is the reason for DB2 to fail upon installing Reporting and Monitoring.

NOTE: The Reporting and Monitoring can NOT be installed on the same system as the Tivoli Storage Manager 6.1 Server even though the manual indicates this is possible.

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