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Enabling logging for DWA Interoperation server

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How do you enable logging for IBM Rational DOORS Web Access Interoperation server?


In default setting, logging for IBM Rational DOORS Web Access Interoperation server is disabled; you need to enable it when necessary.


To enable IBM Rational DOORS Web Access (DWA) Interoperation Server (Interop) logging, follow these steps:

  1. Stop all DWA components.

  2. Edit the Interop shortcut or start command to add the following additional parameters:
    -l PATH_TO_LOGFILE -loglevel 8

    For example:
    C:\DOORS\aqua\bin\doors.exe -d 56000@IBM-D2D7AEAC111 -interop -brokerHost localhost -brokerPort 61616 -l "C:\temp\interop.log" -loglevel 8

  3. Start all the DWA components in the following order:
    1. DWA Broker

    2. Interop

    3. Derby (optional)

    4. DWA Server

  • This log can be helpful while troubleshooting performance related issues for Interop.

  • This also logs all the detailed activities performed by Interop and errors, if there are any.

  • System does not keep the added parameters so you need to enable logging every time the server restarted, if necessary.

  • If you want to disable Interop logging, stop all DWA components and, when restarting DWA, restart Interop without adding the debug parameters, or reboot the server.

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