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Silent install of Rational Synergy client on Windows

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How do you silently install the IBM Rational Synergy 7.1 client on Microsoft Windows?


A silent install is where you do not require any user input to complete the installation. This is a vital requirement where you have many client machines to install.


Steps required to complete a silent install of the client:

  1. Copy the full installer ratlSynergy_7-1-0_Windows_Informix.exe to c:\

  2. Extract this installer into the folder c:\ratlSynergy_7-1-0_Windows_Informix

  3. In command line, navigate to c:\ratlSynergy_7-1-0_Windows_Informix\ccm\windows

  4. Run: setup /r /f1"C:\setup.iss" and select the required options and "Install Compact Client". This will create the file c:\setup.iss which you will need for the silent installation.

  5. Copy the extracted installer folder c:\ratlSynergy_7-1-0_Windows_Informix to a shared folder or a local folder on the target machine where you want to install the client.

  6. Copy c:\setup.iss to the same location used in step 5..

  7. On the target machine, navigate to the folder used in step 5. For example c:\ratlSynergy_7-1-0_Windows_Informix\ccm\windows

  8. Run: setup /s /f1"C:\setup.iss" /v"LAPAgree=\"Yes\""

  9. Wait a few minutes, after which you should see the Rational Synergy desktop shortcut and Rational Synergy 7.1 under add/remove programs.

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