Names expanded even though 'Expand Names field contents when printing' is not enabled

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In Lotus Notes 8.x, you disable "Expand names field contents when printing" option in File > Preferences > Basic Notes Configuration > Additional Options. Names are expanded in printouts even though the option is not enabled.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Notes user preference "expand Names field contents when printing" is not enabled.
2. Try to print the mail from the mail file in the attachment database.


The field "tmpDisplaySendTo" in Mail8 is set to "Fixed", making it display all receivers when printed.

Diagnosing the problem

This issue is only seen in databases based on the Mail8 template.

Resolving the problem

This issue is fixed in 8.0.2 Fix Pack 3 and 8.5.1

Fix details: SPR# ASHH7MPADL

Refer to the Upgrade Central site for details on upgrading Notes/Domino.

The issue can be corrected by updating the Memo and Reply forms in the mail template or mail database.

Changing the Height size to "Dynamic" for the field "tmpDisplaySendTo" corrects the problem.

Related information

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