Guided Assistance to troubleshoot Remote Data Collection with IBM Support Assistant

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IBM Support Assistant Remote Data Collection just got Easier with Guided Assistance! Update or Install the IBM Support Assistant Product Feature Add-on in your Workbench V4.1 to start using the Problem Determination guides available through the Guided Troubleshooter.


Use the new Guided Troubleshooter problem determination guides if you have problems installing an Agent or the Agent Manager, connecting your Workbench to an Agent, or running Data Collection on an Agent. The new Guided Troubleshooter content for IBM Support Assistant helps you quickly identify symptoms, collect the diagnostic data, analyze the collected data, determine the root cause and implement a solution to resolve the problem. It guides you step-by-step through troubleshooting and configuration tasks to solve problems using the IBM Support Assistant agent technology.
To use the IBM Support Assistant problem determination guides in the Guided Troubleshooter do the following:

  1. Start your IBM Support Assistant V4.1 Workbench.
  2. Use the workbench Updater to update the IBM Support Assistant Product Feature (click Update > Find Updates to Add-ons).
  3. Restart your IBM Support Assistant V4.1 Workbench.
  4. Start the Analyze Problem activity in the IBM Support Assistant Workbench.
  5. Click the Guided Troubleshooter tab and navigate to "IBM Support Assistant Agent Troubleshooting".

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