Collect troubleshooting data: Must Gather for OMEGAMON XE for CICS on z/OS



For every problem, collecting data can aid in problem determination and save time resolving Problem Management Records (PMRs). Gathering this data before calling IBM® support will help you understand the problem and save time analyzing the data


Why collect data?
Collecting general data
Collecting component specific data
Submitting data to IBM Support

Why collect data?

Collecting data early, even before opening the PMR, helps IBM Support quickly determine if:
  • Symptoms match known problems (rediscovery).
  • There is a non-defect problem that can be identified and resolved.
  • There is a defect that identifies a workaround to reduce severity.
  • Locating root cause can speed development of a code fix.

Gathering general data

Always include such basic information as z/OS version, CICS version, and Omegamon XE for CICS on z/OS version. If ITM components are involved, please include version and maintenance level information for each involved component.

Gathering component specific data

If one of the product components below matches your symptom, or the part of the product with which you are experiencing problems, follow the instructions to collect appropriate data:
Submitting data to IBM Support

Once your PMR is opened with the IBM Support Center, you can FTP text-based data to us, and email any graphic screen captures. Ask the IBM Support Representative assigned to your PMR for specific information necessary to FTP data to IBM's ECUREP FTP-server. We request that you TERSE any data destined for FTP. Screen captures may be email'd to with your PMR number as the subject (example subject: PMR xxxxx,yyy,zzz documentation)

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