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If the Alloy client user's locale, and the SAP system back-end locale, are changed to the same new locale, for example both are changed from English to German, the user's report templates are refreshed in the new locale with the exception of certain personalized report templates which remain in the language of the original locale.

Consider the following scenario:

An Alloy user has the report catalog set up with the English locale. If the user changes their client locale, for example to German, and also changes (or has changed by an administrator) the SAP back-end system locale to that same locale, report templates in the user's report catalog are refreshed with German language templates. However, the user's personalized report templates created in the original locale, in this example English, also remain in the German report catalog.

If the user runs these personalized report templates, resultant reports are delivered in English even though the user's client has been set to German.


The SAP system sends updates for certain master report templates when the Alloy client locale changes.

Resolving the problem

To resolve mixing of different locale templates, as seen in this scenario, and force Alloy to fetch fresh master templates, either of the following is suggested:

-- The user can delete each of their personalized reports templates individually.

-- The administrator can clear the user's report catalog.

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