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Tau C code generated without the Tau runtime code included

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Can you generate IBM Rational Tau C code without the Tau runtime/intermediate code included?


When you generate C Code from Tau, you will notice that the C code (generated from Tau's code generator) contains a lot of Tau specific runtime code.

For simple classes, you will see a lot of "other" C code that is specific to Tau. You may want to generate C code without all Section Types, Section Initialization, etcetera.

For example, you may want to omit the following code:


    ** SECTION Types and Forward references **




    * #SDTREF(U2,"u2:C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Projects\testC\testC.u2#uhH2UVl2qFELT6VagLXMxpZI|pos(1,8)")


    extern XCONST struct xPrsIdStruct yPrsR_z_C1;

    #define yPrsN_z_C1 (&yPrsR_z_C1)

    #ifndef XOPTCHAN

    extern XCONST xIdNode yPrsO_z_C1[];



It is not possible to turn off the runtime code generation with the current version of Tau.

In Tau, the C code is generated from the intermediate model. Many special functions and types are required to map special intermediate model constructions to C. The main purpose of C code generation is generation of the "executable" code. Thus when generating C code from UML models, a lot of additional functions and types are needed and these are what you are seeing.

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