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Autogeneration in Vendor Specific context (KPI creation)

Technote (troubleshooting)


KPI Designer does not autogenerate KPI in vendor specific context


In creating the same KPI, there are missing autogenerate templates formula in vendor specific context; while it exist in vendor neutral

Resolving the problem

In KPI Designer, the default setup of Vendor Neutral has a list of autogen template; used for KPI creation based on the user requirement. However, unlike the Vendor Neutral, Vendor Specific has limited autogen templates. Hence, the user is not able to get the autogen formula for other vendors while creating certain KPI using KPI Designer.

The recommendation to this scenario is to insert autogen templates from Vendor Neutral to Vendor Specific.

    1. Create a copy of autogen template for Vendor Specific.
      The script provided in Appendix I below can be used to duplicate the system_metalayer.xml from Vendor Neutral to a specific vendor. A new <vendor>_metalayer.xml file will be created with the following updates:
      • metalayer-name
      • metacontext-list within metacontext-space
      • metacontext-value within metacontext-list

      To use the tool :
      • Copy to $METRICA_DIR/MetaLayer/defaults
      • Execute the following command :

        $ system_metalayer.xml <vendor>_metalayer.xml <vendor>

        where <vendor>is the vendor name.
          For example, to create for Nokia, execute the following :

          $ system_metalayer.xml nokia_metalayer.xml nokia

        NOTE :
          It is recommended that other users are logged off from the system before executing the above command to ensure minimal interruption

      2. Assuming that the Vendor Specific tech pack is already installed, the next step is to create the Vendor Specific metalayer by using the new metalayer file from step 1. Execute these steps:
        i) Create the new KPI Group
          $ metrica_mladmin.ksh -createkpigroup -name adc.context. vendor -system -base -context -file <vendor >_metalayer.xml

        ii) Start the Meta Services
          $ metrica_mladmin.ksh -start

        iii) Check the summary generation status
          $ metrica_mladmin.ksh -summarygenerationstatus

      With the above set of vendor metacontexts loaded to system, user is now able to retrieve the autogen formula for this vendor in KPI Designer's Expression dialog.

      APPENDIX I: Tool to replace keyword
      #!/usr/bin/perl -w
      # ************************************************************
      # FILENAME:
      # *************************************************************
      # This file remains the intellectual property of:
      # IBM Tivoli
      # 901B Tower B Uptown 5
      # Jln SS21/39
      # Petaling Jaya, MY
      # Copyright (c) 2009 IBM. All rights reserved.
      # **************************************************************

      require 5.6.1 ;

      my $n1="\n" ;
      my $t1="\t" ;
      my $cnt_arg=$#ARGV ;
      my $arg1=$ARGV[0] ;

      # Check that the input filename, output filename and vendor are available
      sub arg_check() {
        if ( $cnt_arg != 2 ) {
          print "Usage:", $n1 ;
          print "$t1$t1 <input file> <output file> <vendor> $n1$n1" ;
          exit 1 ;

      # Read the file, replace it before writing into output file
      sub replace_it() {
        print $n1 ;
        print "Input File$t1: $ARGV[0] $n1" ;
        print "Output File$t1: $ARGV[1] $n1" ;
        print "Vendor$t1$t1: $ARGV[2] $n1" ;
        open inFile, "<", $ARGV[0] or die "Open failed: $!$n1" ;
        open outFile, ">", $ARGV[1] or die "Open failed: $!$n1" ;
        my $vendor=$ARGV[2] ;

        while (<inFile>) {
          $line=$_ ;
          $line =~ s/adc.contexts/adc.contexts.$vendor/ ;
          $line =~ s/system_/$vendor\_/ ;
          $line =~ s/"neutral"/"$vendor"/ ;
          print outFile $line ;

        close inFile ;
        close outFile ;
        print $n1, "Done.", $n1 ;

      sub run_main() {
        &arg_check() ;
        &replace_it() ;

      &run_main() ;

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      Document information

      More support for: Metrica Performance Manager

      Software version: 2.2.14

      Operating system(s): HP-UX, Solaris

      Reference #: 1396443

      Modified date: 30 November 2009