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Importing attachments in Telelogic DOORS module from an RCR

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How can you import attachments directly in Telelogic DOORS module from a Requirement Change Request (RCR) that is updated in Telelogic Change?


Attachments created in Telelogic Change are stored in Telelogic Synergy database.

  • No “attachment” attribute is mapped to a corresponding DOORS attribute.


It is possible to import attachments from DOORS to Change, but there no option to import attachment/document from Change directly into DOORS.

In DOORS, an attachment can be added to a module.

Attachments created in Telelogic Change are saved in Telelogic Synergy database whereas DOORS has its own database (file system) to store DOORS data.

When a RCR is assigned to a DOORS user from Change, there are certain attributes in the RCR submission field which are modifiable by a DOORS user.

Steps to view the list of the modifiable attributes are as follows:

  1. Login to Telelogic DOORS.
  2. Open a module in exclusive edit mode
  3. Under Change Management Tab, click on Requirement Change Request > Customize RCR attribute

By default only three attributes are mapped between DOORS and Change.

These are,
  • crstatus == csinst_rcr_crstatus
  • problem_number == csinst_rcr_ problem_number
  • problem_synopsis == csinst_rcr_ problem_ synopsis

You can add any new attribute in Change for example ‘test_new_attribute’ and a map the corresponding DOOR attribute for example ‘csinst_rcr_test_new_attribute’, but this will only comprise of the attributes already defined in Change for integration.
This does not contain any ‘attachment’ (cvtype) attribute.

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Modified date: 17 August 2009

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