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Rational 7.x product installation fails because GSKit installation hangs

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You start the installation of an IBM Rational product. The installation hangs when the GSKit is installed.


GSKit is installed when the Rational products are installed. In some cases, the GSKit installation does not complete successfully.

Resolving the problem

This issue has been fixed in Team product installs in the release and

Use these instructions to work around this issue:

Follow the steps in Technote #1328890 Rational 7.0.x product installation hangs on Windows XP:

If the steps in Technote #1238890 do not resolve the issue, try this procedure:

  1. Stop the installation of the Rational product

  2. Reboot the system.

  3. Uninstall GSKit if it is installed on the system. To uninstall, run the command:
    isuninst -f"C:\Program Files\IBM\GSK7\gsk7BUI.isu" CQLDAP -a

    NOTE: If gsk7BUI.isu file does not exist in your C:\Program Files\IBM\GSK7 folder for any reason, you can copy the attached file into C:\Program Files\IBM\GSK7 and then run the command mentioned in step 3 above.

  4. Delete the folder C:\Program Files\IBM\GSK7 if it exists.

    NOTE: Editing the Windows registry incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Edit the Windows registry at your own risk. Before proceeding, review the Microsoft article, 256986 - Description of the Microsoft Windows Registry.

  5. Open the Windows registry editor using the regedit command. Remove the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\IBM\GSK7 key if it exists.

  6. Download gsk7bas.exe and from this technote to a folder on your computer.

    : In version 7.1.1 and later, the name of gskit zip file name is

  7. At a command prompt, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the files.

  8. Enter the command: gsk7bas <drive>:\gskit where <drive> is the drive location of the folder. This command extracts the GSKit files into the <drive>:\gskit folder.

    NOTE: If the gsk7bas.exe command fails (for example, this file will not execute on Vista systems), use the files in the file that is attached to this technote. Extract contents from the file to the <drive>:\gskit folder and follow instructions from step 9 on.

  9. Go to the <drive>:\gskit folder and enter the following command: setup CQLDAP. This command launches the GUI installation of GSKit.

  10. When prompted, select the default values. Click Install on the last screen to complete the GSKit installation.
    • For versions 7.0.0.x and 7.0.1.x: use the section Installation of an MSI-based IBM Rational product to complete your product installation.
    • For versions 7.1 and later: use the section Installation of IBM Rational product using Installation Manager to complete your product installation.

Installation of an MSI-based IBM Rational product

You must block the GSKit installation from within the Rational product installation after you have manually installed GSKit. Take the following steps to block the GSKit installation.
  1. Create a release area for the Rational product if a release area does not already exist. Refer to the Rational product documentation for information about creating a release area.

  2. In the release area, go to the SETUP folder.

  3. Locate the .msi file for the Rational product. For example, you select 1033_ClearQuest.msi when installing the IBM Rational ClearQuest US English version.

    NOTE: Make the following changes for all .msi files for the Rational product.

  4. Create a backup of the .msi file.

  5. Right-click on the .msi file and select Edit with Orca. This opens the .msi file using Microsoft Orca.

  6. If Orca is not installed, you can obtain Orca from the Microsoft MSDN website:

  7. Open the Component table and locate the following components:
    • ClearQuest_GSKitInstall70_3_30_ISFiles_15
    • ClearQuest_GSKitInstall70_3_30_ISDel_exe
    • ClearQuest_GSKitInstall70_3_30_setup_dll
    • ClearQuest_GSKitInstall70_3_30_setup_exe

  8. In the Condition column for each of these components enter: 1=0

  9. Save the .msi file.

  10. Install the Rational product from this release area.

Installation of an IBM Rational product using Installation Manager

After GSKit is manually installed, you must replace the original GSKit installation zip file that is included in the installation package.

1. If C:\Program Files\IBM\IMShared does not exist, you must start the installation of the Rational product. The installation fails. When prompted, choose Save downloaded files. Saving the downloaded files creates the IMShared folder and downloads the Rational product zip files to the IMShared folder.

NOTE: C:\Program Files\IBM\IMShared is the default location for the shared resources directory. This directory might be different for your environment.

2. Go to C:\Program Files\IBM\IMShared\native. Create a backup copy of ( for pre-7.1.1 releases) or ( for 7.1.1 and higher releases)

3. Copy the downloaded GSKit zip file from step 6 of the top section above to C:\Program Files\IBM\IMShared\native.

NOTE: The downloaded GSKit file contains a setup.exe file that looks as though it is installing GSKit, but GSKit is not installed. During the installation, Installation Manager continues as if the GSKit installation completed successfully.

4. Start the Rational product installation.


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Software Development Rational RequisitePro Installation Windows 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.1,,, 7.1.1,,,,,, 7.1.2,, All Editions
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