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New AF/OG product enhancements

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There have been numerous V340 product enhancements and new features that have been delivered over the past couple of years.


Although there has not been a new product version, these enhancements have all been released via PTF. The following lists several small enhancements that have been delivered. Attached are two presentations which contain information about many of them. For more documentation, please also see the comments in the PTF header. In addition, there may be technotes on the Support web site describing some of the new features.

1. These PTFs are described in the first attachment:

UA42881 TEP Enablement SPE
UA44313 Ability to trap an out of matches condition
UA33959 BIND an outbound LINK to a specific port
UA33307 WTO trapping based on MPF state.
UA31940 Enhanced SIM Event trapping
UA35127 SIM events included in ABENDLIM
UA34980 Update REXX CONSOLE function for no master console
UA36492 CART keyword for the OPER command
UA38863 Update OPER RESP with SYSID
UA40650 SMF STATS collection EXEC type expanded
UA41982 Alter MSCOPE of AFs EMCS consoles

2. These PTFs are described in the second attachment:

UA46597 New AF internals status variables
UA50926 Enable system-managed rebuild of cache structure
UA55377 Provide WLM information for a particular job
UA46967 Sort SHOW RSV command output
UA49259 New IMSCMD startup parameter
UA50289 New POVILGON() parameters
UA48913 Allow trapping of IEA705I
UA52936 Enhanced IMSOPER serialization
UA54120/UA57433 Honor LRECL when writing to SYSOUT
UA58507 OMEGAMON for DB2 currency

3. These PTFs also delivered new functionality. However, they are not described in either of the attachments.

UA30260 Provide original WTO event DATE and TIMESTAMP values
UA36704 Increase OPER RESP response line capture limit
UA59077 AF STEPNAME support for CMD and WTO traps
UA59079 RSM STEPNAME support
UA67027 User EMCS console pool for OPER RESP
UA67803 Allow cache structure resize using SETXCF ALTER
UA67469 Capture more than 999 lines of MLWTO text

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Systems and Asset Management Tivoli AF/OPERATOR on z/OS z/OS 3.4

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More support for: Tivoli OMEGACENTER Gateway on z/OS

Software version: 3.4

Operating system(s): z/OS

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Modified date: 28 June 2013

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