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License server start up order for IBM Rational License Server Telelogic 2.0 using LMTOOLS utility

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What is the start up order for IBM Rational License Server Telelogic 2.0 using LMTOOLS utility?


If you receive a new a floating/server license file, or whenever there are changes to the floating/server license file, the license server needs to read these new changes from the license file.

When you install IBM Rational License Server Telelogic 2.0, it installs a utility called 'LMTOOLS'. You can find it at, for example:

Start -> All Programs -> IBM Rational -> IBM Rational License Server Telelogic 2.0 -> LMTOOLS

Once the LMTOOLS utility window opens, under 'Config Services' tab, make sure the field 'Path to the license file' points to the correct license.dat file that you want to use. For example, the path should look like:

    C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\DOORS\9.2\lib\license.dat

After making sure the license file you want to use is correct, click on 'Start/Stop/ReRead' tab on the LMTOOLS window, and click the tabs in the following order:

    1. Stop Server

    2. Start Server

    3. ReRead License File

Note: Rereading the license file may take few seconds to read, but after successful reread, there should be a status at the bottom of the LMTOOLS window which states 'Reread Server License File Completed'.

You should be able to launch the application after successfully rereading the license file.

Software Download : The IBM Rational License Server Telelogic 2.0 can be found in Passport Advantage Online at:

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