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How to reset the password in tomcat-users.xml

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How do you change the password of a user in the tomcat-users.xml file used on the Web App server for IBM Rational Team Concert?


You installed Rational Team Concert on Tomcat and forgot the password of a user. When you look at tomcat-users.xml, the password seems encrypted.


To reset the password

  1. Get the value of digest in the Realm in the server.xml

    <Realm className="org.apache.catalina.realm.UserDatabaseRealm"


    Note: The digest can be SHA or MD5.

  2. Copy the genPassword.bat (for Windows)/ (for UNIX and AIX) to the location where your server.startup.bat /server.startup exists. (Linux/AIX only) change the permissions of (chmod 755 genPassword).

  3. From the command line, run:

    Microsoft Windows:
    genPassword.bat [SHA|MD5] <the password to be encrypted>

    ./ [SHA|MD5] <the password to be encrypted>


  4. Replace the value of the user's "password" in tomcat-users.xml to <THE_ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD>

  5. Restart Tomcat

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