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License server system does not support this version of this feature

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When do you get the error that the license server does not support the version of the feature


When Rhapsody or any Rhapsody addon (like Gateway, Configuration Management, Reporter Plus etcetera) is invoked, you may receive the Flexnet Licensing Error -25,147 “License server system does not support this version of this feature”

The error pop up on accessing the feature:

This error is seen when release date of product being used is ahead of the maintenance date mentioned in the license file

The error reads: license server system does not support to this version of the feature


If the license has the following feature in the license file


    FEATURE RPCM telelogic 2006.0904 permanent 1 \



    INCREMENT RPCM telelogic 2008.1231 permanent 18 \

The above feature line indicates that the maintenance date for the FEATURE RPCM was originally 2006.0904, which was then extended to 2008.1231.

Now if you try to use the configuration management feature of Rhapsody 7.4 it works. V7.4 was released on <>.

However, Rhapsody 7.5 will not work because release date of 7.5 was June 2nd 2009 which was far ahead of the maintenance date.


To resolve this issue, the maintenance must be upgraded and a new license re-generated from the license key generator at:

The steps to regenerate the license are available at the above noted URL.

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