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Time Span icon not appearing even though historical data is being collected

Technote (troubleshooting)


The Time Span query icon normally appears in views for attribute group data configured for historical data collection. It fails to appear even though historical data has been configured and started for the attribute group that provides data to the view.


The Time Span icon does not appear in the View, so requests to view historical data from that View cannot be done.

Diagnosing the problem

First, check the Properties of that View, and then review the Query assigned to that View, to confirm which Attribute Group is being queried. Then confirm that historical data collection is configured and started for that Attribute Group, and that it has been started on a TEMS which the Agent is currently connected to; review the "Managed System Status" Workspace on the "Enterprise" Physical Navigator Item if you are not sure which TEMS the Agent is currently connected to.

If that has already been confirmed, then set the following KBB_RAS1 trace setting on the TEPS in the KFWENV (Windows) or cq.ini (UNIX/Linux) configuration file:

ERROR (UNIT:RequestHelper DETAIL ERROR)(UNIT:ctreportmanager_i,entry:"CTReport_i::Manager_i::Data::setHistoryEnabled" ALL) (UNIT:ctreportcache,entry:"CTReport_i::ReportCache::KfwQuery::translateQuery" ALL) (UNIT:ctreportcache,entry:"CTReport_i::ReportCache::loadHistoricalRecordingState" ALL) (UNIT:ctcmw IN ER) (UNIT:ctdatabus IN ER)

In the TEP client, reproduce the problem where a Workspace with a View appears that does not have the Time Span dialog when you expect it should. The Views that do not have a Time Span query icon will likely show the following in the log:

<log start>
.updateComponentFromModel(PBasedModel)") HISTORY_OPTIONS property is: false
<log end>

The value for HISTORY_OPTIONS is "false", which indicates that the Time Span icon will not appear. It is set by the server when the query is loaded; so this implies that there is something about the Query that is causing it to prevent the Time Span dialog from appearing. If the following also appears in the trace:

<log start>
.updateComponentFromModel(PBasedModel)") QUERY_ORDER_OR_GROUP_BY property is: true
<log end>

then it means that the Query assigned to the View uses GROUP BY, ORDER BY, FIRST, or LAST column function(s). These are not supported for short term historical requests, and subsequently it prevents it from showing the Time Span icon in the View.

Resolving the problem

A workaround for the affected View(s) is to remove the unsupported functions mentioned above to allow the Time Span icon to appear for that View. To then get data for that View in some kind of sorted order for short-term historical data requests, first sort the view by the desired column, then save the workspace. The view sort will be preserved, so data will be in ascending or descending order. Also, you must select the "return all rows" option on the view so the sort will be done on the entire result set. The only thing not possible in the client is to limit the display in a way that mimics the FIRST or LAST column functions.

Document information

More support for: IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6
ITM Tivoli Enterprise Portal V6

Software version: 6.2.1, 6.2.2, 6.2.3, 6.3

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows

Reference #: 1391777

Modified date: 11 February 2016

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