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NPR 3.6.0 upgrade task requires 3.6.0-TIV-NPR-IF0001

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This interim fix release is ONLY intended for all users from NPR 3.2.x to NPR 3.5.x and wish to upgrade to NPR 3.6 directly. Existing NPR 3.6 users do not need to apply this fix


Network Performance Reporting 3.6.0, Interim Fix 1, 3.6.0-TIV-NPR-IF0001 can be downloaded from

Supporting TechDoc can be obtained from:

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More support for: Network Performance Reporting

Software version: 3.6.0

Operating system(s): HP-UX, Solaris, TRU64 UNIX

Reference #: 1391228

Modified date: 22 June 2009