Memory Dump Diagnostic for Java (MDD4J) version 3.0

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An updated version of the Memory Dump Diagnostic for Java (MDD4J) V3.0 Beta is now available for the IBM Support Assistant V4. MDD4J analyzes Java heap dumps primarily to identify memory leaks. It can analyze heap dumps from IBM JVMs on AIX, Linux, Windows, i5/OS, and z/OS, as well as Solaris and HP-UX JVMs.


The Memory Dump Diagnostic for Java tool analyzes common formats of memory dumps (heap dumps) from a virtual machine (JVM) that is running any stand-alone Java application including WebSphere Application Server. The memory dump analysis is aimed at identifying data structures within the Java heap that might be root causes of memory leaks. The analysis also identifies major contributors to the Java heap footprint of the application and their ownership relationship. The tool is capable of analyzing very large memory dumps obtained from production environment application servers encountering OutOfMemoryError issues. (Analysis of very large memory dumps requires at least 2GB of RAM.)
This updated Beta includes the following improvements:

  • comparative analysis
  • increased analysis performance
  • improved stability
  • new leak suspect detection algorithm
  • new data structure based views
  • health measures showing effectiveness of heap usage
  • updated analysis summary report file
  • exportable, self-contained, data structure views
  • updated and expanded documentation, including instructions on how to run tool outside of the IBM Support Assistant workbench
You may also want to try the Memory Analyzer which is the successor to MDD4J. Memory Analyzer is available for IBM Support Assistant V4 and V5.

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