Tivoli Storage Manager reporting and monitoring installation failure

Technote (troubleshooting)


Installation of the TSM common reporting feature fails with no specific error.


DB2 installation failure


TSM 6.1

Diagnosing the problem

Review the /var/Tivoli/tsm/log.txt file for more information on the installation failure. In the case where DB2 failed to install, the log showed the following errors :

$IAGLOBAL_COI_FAILED_COMP$=DB2 9.1 (from com.ibm.ac.coi.ext.ia.plugin.COIProcessPlan.install)
$IAGLOBAL_COI_FAILED_INSTALL_MESSAGE$=DB2 9.1 (from com.ibm.ac.coi.ext.ia.plugin.COIProcessPlan.install)

To get more information about the DB2 installation failure, review the /opt/tivoli/tsm/reporting/_uninst/plan/tmp/db2setup.log file. For example, in this particular case, the log showed the following errors :

ERROR:The group name "db2grp1" is not valid for user "db2inst1".
The valid group name for this existing user is "db2inst1".

Resolving the problem

Refer to the "Installing the reporting and monitoring feature" section of the TSM V6.1 Information Center for information on installing and uninstalling the feature. That section mentions that if "this is a re-installation of the Tivoli Storage Manager reporting and monitoring feature, and if the DB2 users, db2inst and db2fenc1, still exist on the system you are installing on, the installation could fail.

Ensure these DB2 users do not exist ..."

Follow the instructions and make sure to remove the db2inst1 user ID and other data. Make sure that the db2inst1 user ID is part of the db2grp1 group.

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