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How to create an installation repository for Rational Method Composer 7.5

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How can you create a local network repository for IBM Rational Method Composer 7.5 (RMC)?


The purpose is to install the product on multiple computers from a single repository.


  1. Download and extract RMC 7.5.

  2. Install the packaging utility found in file (IBM Rational Enterprise Deployment V7.5 for Windows).

  3. Open the IBM Packaging Utility from Start > All Programs > IBM Packaging Utility.

  4. Click Copy packages.

  5. Add a repository.

  6. Navigate in the dialog to the directory, where you extracted the six archives of RMC 7.5 Main Installation Multiplatform Multilingual.

  7. Click on the file diskTag.inf from the disk1 directory.

  8. Select the newly added location.

  9. Select the local or network directory. This directory must be accessible from the client computers where you install RMC.

  10. Click Copy.

You can download the iFixes and updates from the internet from every client with the automatic update function of IBM Installation Manager. Otherwise, if you want to include the latest iFix in your repository, consider the steps below.

  1. Download the iFix.

  2. Extract the archive to a local directory.

  3. When you create the repository repeat point 4 and 5 and add the disk1\diskTag.inf from the iFix.

  4. Select both RMC 7.5 and RMC 7.5 iFix when you copy to the new repository.

On the client computers, where you want to install RMC, you do the following steps.

  1. Install the IBM Installation Manager, from (IBM Rational Enterprise Deployment V7.5 for Windows).

  2. Start the IBM Installation Manager.

  3. Click File > Preferences from the menu.

  4. Navigate to Repositories.

  5. Click add repository and put the location that you used at point 8.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Click Install and follow the steps to install the product.


You can not store the Activation Kit in the repository. You need to install it as explained in the following technote: How to download and install Rational Method Composer 7.5

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