ACUOSI0050E or ACUCME1100E DB2 error installing Reporting & Monitoring

Technote (troubleshooting)


Installation of Monitoring and Reporting may fail with error ACUOSI0050E return code 87 or ACUCME1100E


ACUOSI0050E External command action failed with return code 87. Invocation string: [C:\shop\TSMZRnMx32\COI\DeploymentSteps/DB2_9.1/FILES/setup.exe, /f, /l, C:\IBM\_uninst\plan\tmp/db2_91_inst.log, /u, C:\IBM\_uninst\plan\tmp/Prefix_ResponseFile.txt]




The password does not meet DB2 and Windows requirements.

Diagnosing the problem

The ACUOSI0050E error with return code 87 states that some parameter is incorrect. It can be found within the log file:

<install drive>:\Program Files\IBM\common\acsi\logs\<tsm_home>\de_trace.log.
The error might also show up in db2_trace.log.

The log db2_91_inst.log or db2_inst.log may reveal the error in more detail stating that this is a password issue. This file can be located in: <Install_Drvie>:\IBM\_uninst\plan\tmp\

1: ERROR:The installation program has been unable to create the user "<username>" on
computer "<computerName>" because the password specified is too short.

1: ERROR:The response file specified "C:\IBM\_uninst\plan\tmp/PREFIX~1.TXT" is not valid.

Another error that maybe encountered for a password issue is ACUCME1100E.
Keep in mind, the password maybe too short and/or not meet the Windows/DB2 requirements.

Resolving the problem

The password entered during installation must meet the DB2 and Windows operating system requirements and contain valid characters. Also, with Reporting and Monitoring version 6.3, there is more error checking for the DB2 password and user.

See the link below to the DB2 manual explaining the DB2 password requirements:

In order to view the Windows password requirements, complete the steps below:
1. Go to Start -> Run
2. Type: secpol.msc
3. Go to Security Settings -> Account Policies -> Password Policy
4. Locate the value of the Policy called "Password must meet complexity requirements"
5. Double click on this policy to find the password requirements.

Retry the installation with a password that meets the DB2 and Windows password requirements.

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