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Tech Pack Upgrade: KPICOPY command for Tech Pack when KPI is renamed

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After UUID fix implemented in the TNPMW 9.1.2 and TNPMW 9.2.0; the kpitool tool should be run before Tech Pack uninstallation during the Tech Pack Upgrade else the history will be lost, and the stored busy hours will fail to run


Solution: Apply kpicopy tool before Tech Pack uninstallation during the Tech Pack Upgrade.


The kpicopy command will copy a column to another specified column in the same KPI group or to a different KPI group. The parameters for the kpicopy tool are shown below

techpack_upgrade -type kpicopy -s <source_kpiname> -dt <destination_table_and_column>

-dk <destination_kpiname> -dc <destination_col_alias>

-type kpicopy Mandatory, specifies what function the tool is to perform

-s Mandatory, name of the KPI to be moved as Vendor.branch.kpi

-dt Mandatory, table and column to which the KPI is to be copied

of the form table.column. If the kpi is to be renamed, not

moved to a different table, this should be the same as the

source table and column

-dk Mandatory, kpi name to which data is to be written of the form


-dc Optional, column alias of destination kpi, for alarms only

The source and destination tables must have the same primary key or else the command will fail.



KPI pmNoOutIratCcSuccess will be renamed from inter_radio_access_technology_handover_outgoing to inter_radio_access_technology_cell_change_outgoing

Run the kpicopy tool before TP upgrade:

$WMCROOT/admin/techpackupgrade/techpack_upgrade -type kpicopy -s Ericsson.inter_radio_access_technology_handover_outgoing.pmNoOutIratCcSuccess -dt eri_neig_iratcco_tab.rpv1jep3aq2ahcw40035xkcuai -dk Ericsson.inter_radio_access_technology_cell_change_outgoing.pmNoOutIratCcSuccess

The command will copy the data from tables belonging to KPI group inter_radio_access_technology_handover_outgoing to group inter_radio_access_technology_cell_change_outgoing.

Note 1 - User Defined Stored Busy Hour:

User defined stored busy hour definitions that refer to the old KPI name need to be exported/deleted and recreated after the kpicopy tool is ran. The stored busy hours provision KPI’s that are based on the name of the raw KPI and therefore need to be reprovisioned so as they are created with the new kpi name. The only way to do that is to reprovision the SBH definitions after the techpack is upgraded and the kpicopy tool has being run.

Steps involved are:

1. Determine the busy hour definition that is based on the old KPI

2. Export the definition

sbh_admin –e –n <Name of SBH> -f <filename>

3. Delete the definition

sbh_admin –d –n < Name of SBH>

4. Re-import the definition

sbh_admin –i –f <filename>

Note 2 - User Defined Summaries:

If a user has defined their own summary on a KPI that’s being renamed and the summary definition creates a destination field then after a techpack upgrade this summary definition will fail to execute.Steps involved to resolve this are:

1. Before uninstalling the base Tech Pack, export the summary definition using:

summary_admin -e <summary name> -f <filename>

2. Delete the summary definition

summary_admin -delete <summary name>

3. After upgraded the Tech Pack has been installed, reload the summary definition

4. Please note that the exported summary files need to be manually edited for the KPIs that have been moved or renamed. Change the old KPI/KPI Group names to the new ones.

summary_admin -c -f <filename>

5. The importing of the summary will create the new KPI.

6. In order to retrieve historic summary data the user defined summaries will need to be re-ran with the required dates after it the summary definition has been imported.

7. If any reports have been defined on these User Defined Summaries then these need to be redefined after the new KPI names have being created by the import of the User summary definitions.

Note 3 - User Defined UDCs:

UDCs that are defined for the base Tech Pack need to be updated for the upgraded Tech Pack. Proceed with the following steps after the Tech Pack has been upgraded:

1. Export UDCs

kpicache_admin -u <user> -p <password> -d <filename> <dsname>

2. Modify the UDC field names in the exported file that were updated by the kpicopy tool

3. Import the modified UDC file

kpicache_admin -u <user> -p <password> -l <filename> <dsname>

4. Run the dictionary process:

agent_admin -u sysadm -p <password> -list current | grep DICTIONARY

agent_admin -u sysadm -p <password> -run 8

Notice: If the kpicopy tool was not executed before the Tech Pack Upgrade, below error will occur when SBH is provisioning:

sbh_admin -i -f BusyHourInstance.xml -m overwrite
[echo] Licensed Materials - Property of IBM
[echo] 5724W86
[echo] (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2004, 2009 All Rights Reserved.
[importstoredbusyhour] Starting import
[importstoredbusyhour] Importing the Stored Busy Hour definition from the file /appl/virtuo/admin/techpacks/GTP_VN_NA/2.1.0/busyhours/BusyHourInstance.xml.
[importstoredbusyhour] RuntimeException; nested exception is:
[importstoredbusyhour] java.lang.RuntimeException: could not commit batch: INSERT INTO sbh_entity_col_mappings ( entity_id, entity_name, field_name, field_uuid, table_name, column_name ) VALUES ( ( SELECT entity_id FROM wmn_entity WHERE entity_name = ? ), ?, ?, ?, ?, ? ). Reason: ORA-00001: unique constraint (VIRTUO.SBH_ENTITY_COL_MAPPINGS_UK1) violated


To update the new KPI name (with the same UUID as before) in the field_name of the sbh_entity_col_mappings table before the SBH provisioning:

SQL> update sbh_entity_col_mapping
set field_name = '<new KPI name>'
where field_uuid ='same UUID as before';

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