Uninstalling Run from Lotus Foundations Start

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What is the correct procedure for uninstalling the Run add-on application from Lotus Foundations Start?

Resolving the problem

To uninstall the Run application from Lotus Foundations Start, complete the following:

Uninstall the Run add-on in WebConfig

1. Login to WebConfig as an administrative user.
2. Click Software Update from the main menu.
3. Locate the Run application and click the corresponding Uninstall link.

Lotus Foundations Start will automatically uninstall the Run application.

4. When WebConfig indicates that the application as been removed, proceed to the following section.

Remove Run team accounts

1. From the WebConfig main menu, click Users.
2. Click the Teams tab.
3. Locate and delete the lf-virtualization and lf-virtualization-backup team accounts.

4. When the indicated teams have been deleted, proceed to the following section.

Remove the Run backup job

1. From the WebConfig main menu, click Backup.
2. Locate the backup job labeled LF Virtualization Backup and click the corresponding delete icon.

The Run add-on application should now be completely uninstalled from the Lotus Foundations Start server.

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