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Viewing Lotus Foundations Start event logs

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Where can I view the event logs for Lotus Foundations Start?


Lotus Foundations log files can be viewed in multiple ways.

The default location for viewing general log information is the in the Logs and Reports section of WebConfig, where you can view the majority of log messages and highlight notable process messages.

The raw log files are stored in the log files hare. The most current log file is always labeled as wvlog.current. To access this locations from Windows, click Start, Run and in the text box, type the following: \\SERVER_HOSTNAME\log\Files

If you are trying to view the wvlog.current log file from a telnet session, it can be found in "/home/log/Files/wvlog.current".

Add-on applications
If there are any third party add-on applications running, the same logs as mentioned above will contain output from those applications. Any other logging information must be obtained from the application specific documentation.

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Lotus Foundations Start

Software version: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2

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Modified date: 06 March 2013

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