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Setting a Lotus Foundations system clock

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How can I set the date and time on a server that does not have internet access?

Resolving the problem

A standard feature of Lotus Foundations is network time synchronization, using the Network Time Protocol (NTP). NTP works well with synchronizing a server's date and time when there are small deviations. If the hardware clock or system time is off by a large margin, the time synchronization server will not update the time. In this case you will need to update the date and time manually.

To set the date and time manually follow the steps below:

  1. In WebConfig's Local Network Setup page, ensure that the Adjust Time Zone: drop-down has the correct time zone. If the time zone is incorrect, select the correct value and click the Save Changes button.
  2. Telnet into the server and log in as an administrative user.
  3. Type the command below where MM is the month, DD is the date, hh is the hour, and mm is the minutes all expressed as two-digit numbers. YYYY is the four-digit year.
    date -s MMDDhhmmYYYY

    The following command sets the date and time to Feb. 03, 2010 at 3:05 PM.
    date -s 020315052010
  4. To write this date to the hardware clock, use the command below. If you skip this step, the new date/time will be lost on a reboot.
    hwclock -w

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