Power Saver value displays Not Supported when AEM Console displays Supported

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Why does the value for Power Saver for a Blade Server or Rack Server display "Not Supported" in the Active Energy Manager Power Control workspace on the Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP), however the Active Energy Manager (AEM) console displays it as "Supported"?


AEM version 3.1 has two Power Saver attributes, Static Power Saver and Dynamic Power Saver. Static power saver can be set via the AEM console (Manage Power dialog) and through the AEM API. Dynamic Power Saver cannot be set via AEM. The AEM GUI shows the value of "Supported" for the Power Saver attribute if either power saver is supported.

On the TEP GUI, the Monitoring Agent for Active Energy Manager displays the value of the Static Power Saver only, since the AEM agent is only able to modify the value for Static Power Saver. Therefore, if the Blade Server only has the Dynamic Power Saver, then the Active Energy Manager Power Control workspace on the Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) will show "Not Supported" for the Power Saver attribute while the AEM Console will show the value as "Supported".

The following messages are seen in the ke9.trace*.log file (with tracing set to ALL) from the Director log location.

    power capabilities
    powerDataCollection = true
    thermalDataCollection = false
    powerMonitoring = true
    powerCapping = true
    powerSaverStatic = false
    powerSaverDynamic = true

    system does not support static power saver. powerSaverBit is 0

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