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IBM Support Assistant Add-on for WebSphere Transformation Extender 8.2 is now available



IBM Support Assistant (ISA) Add-on is now available for WebSphere® Transformation Extender (WTX) 8.2.


The IBM Support Assistant (ISA) Add-on for WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) 8.2 includes several links to WTX product information from with the IBM Support Assistant Find Information > Product Information.

The Product Information page includes links to the product home page, support page and user forums. The Product Information page can be used to discover troubleshooting and education links such as Must Gather information. The Product Information page provides the latest support information including the newest fixes, APARs, Technotes and other support data.

Please use the following steps to install the IBM Support Assistant Add-on for WebSphere Transformation Extender 8.2.

1) From the IBM Support Assistant Workbench menu select Update > Find new... > Product Add-ons.

2) From the Find New Product Add-ons pop-up window, expand the WebSphere group by selecting the plus symbol next to WebSphere.

3) Scroll down and check the box next to WebSphere Transformation Extender 8.2 to select the Product Add-on.

4) Select the Next button, then select the Next button again on the Tools Add-on page to advance to the Licenses of Add-ons page.

5) Select the radio button to accept the license and select the Next button.

6) Confirm that the summary page lists the correct Add-on, then select the Finish button to complete the Add-on installation.

7) Select the Finish button on the Results page, then select the Yes button when prompted to restart the IBM Support Assistant Workbench.

8) After the IBM Support Assistant Workbench has restarted, WebSphere Transformation Extender 8.2 can be selected under Find Information > Product Information.

For more information about the IBM Support Assistant including how to obtain it, please review the following link:

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Software version: 8.2

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Modified date: 20 May 2009

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