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No access to the IBM Rational License Key Center

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to access the IBM Rational License Key Center after registration, result in failed logins.


The password that you entered is incorrect.
Possible causes:

  1. After you completed your registration in the Rational License Key Center, sends an e-mail to you. This e-mail contains a link to create a password. It also contains a Java script.

    You might not have received the Welcome e-mail. A possible cause for this is that you use a filter against unsolicited e-mail (spam). This filter might block e-mails with Java content.

  2. Another possible cause would be a typographical error of your email address during the registration process.

Diagnosing the problem

Verify if a filter quarantined the e-mail with the temporary password.

Resolving the problem

Retrieve the password from the quarantined files.

If you cannot retrieve the temporary password, contact IBM Rational Client Support and request to be sent the welcome e-mail again.

Support can then verify if the e-mail address on file for your registration is correct.


  1. Register again.
  2. Use an external e-mail address that does not apply any filters.
  3. Retrieve the password.

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